The student union has four boards, which all are accountable to the council.

Each member of the student union have the right to nominee him-/herself to any of the four boards.

Election Board

The election board handles the general election for council and strives for that the election is carried out in a democratic and according to the union constitution. Before the general election, the election board accepts candidate list from each electoral alliance and decides when and where the elections will be held. The election board consists of five members.

Review Board of the Cortège

The review board is assigned to overlook the Cortège and its program. The Inspector of the union is the president of the board and has veto on the Cortège’s form.

Nomination Board

The nomination board is assigned to pre-process the elections carried out by the council. The board recommends candidates for each place appointed by the council. However, it is still the council which decides who should be appointed, the board only nominates candidates. The nomination is based on interviews with the candidates. The board consists of five to eight members.

Appeal Board

When a union member suspects that the general election for council has been carried out in a questionable manner, an appeal should be carried out to the appeal board. The board then investigates the matter and gives a recommendation to the election board or the council. The Appeal board consists of the Inspector, the president of the council and three more members.