Event and Theater


So much to do, so little time.

Some of the reoccuring events are very traditional to Chalmers. Like Cortègen, mösspåtagningen (every spring and fall), Student Union day and the pub crawls. Keep an eye on the calender on the frontpage!

The Student union day

The Student Union day is a perfect opportunity to explore all that we have to offer in terms of committees, societies and our companies and stores. It's arranged annually at campus Johannberg in the Student Union building.



Since 1909 the Cortègen has been an appreciated event not just amongst the students but also the citizens of Gothenburg. On this day the streets are filled with thousands of spectators when nearly 1000 students march in their hand built wagons through the city center.

Grand welcoming

During four intense weeks new students are welcomed to Chalmers. Everything so ensure a great start to their student life.


Every year CHARM, the nordic countries biggest carriers fair opens its doors to students and businesses. On the 5:e and 6:e February 2013 some 150 companies come to Chalmers to see our students.