Guest Pass


Guest pass?

A guest pass will be needed by every Chalmers Student who wants to bring a non-chalmerist friend on the pub crawl. The Guest Pass has been developed by pub organizers to simplify entrance and to increase the overall experience of the pub crawl.

Points of sale

Passes are sold at J.A. Pripps Pub & Café, Kokboken (Lindholmen), Bibliotekscafét, Bra NyFiket and Café Bulten. It will be available for purchase from Monday study week 1 until 16:00 the day of the pub crawl. The price is 40 SEK and you need to pay with a valid, topped-up Chalmers Student Union card (kårkort).


You are a Chalmers student and want to bring a guest, who is not a Chalmers student, to the Chalmers Student Union Pub Crawl. Fear not! Here's how you do it…

  1. Locate a points of sale, bringing a student union ID with credit on it
  2. “Hi! A guest pass for the pub crawl, please.” (exact wording may vary)
  3. Obtain one paper card (the guest pass) with a stapled receipt
  4. Fill out the paper card for you and your guest
  5. At the pub entrance: Show your photo ID + student union ID
  6. Your guest shows photo ID + guest pass
  7. Alright. Welcome in and have a ball!

Keep in mind

  • One guest pass per guest
  • The guest pass is to be filled out in ink
  • Unlimited number of guest passes per Chalmers student, but only one guest at a time
  • You can buy a guest pass until 16:00 on the day of the Pub Crawl. After 16:00 there's no way to purchase a pass since you need a receipt.


Q: What is the Pub Crawl?
Chalmers Student Union’s Pub Crawl, ”the Pub Crawl”, is an event where the pubs at Chalmers’ two campuses are open to the members of the Union, i.e. the students, and their friends. This is an amazing opportunity to widen the views of Chalmers and see what many places have to offer.

Q: What benefits are there with a guest pass?
First and foremost, the lines will be decreased through faster and smoother admission at the entrance. There will also be more Chalmerists at the Pub Crawl, which underlines that the Pub Crawl is for Chalmers students to enjoy themselves and meet other students in the warmth of a pub. What’s more is that it will make it easier for the pub organizers to focus on making a great event, rather than taking care of non-Chalmerists for whom no one takes responsibility.

Q: Where will the profit of the guest pass go?
The profit will go towards benefiting every pub organizer and their hard work, making the pub crawl what it is today.

Q: Why can you only pay with a Student Union card?
Payment by Student Union card is the only way for the personnel at the points of sale to verify that someone is a Chalmers student, for example in order to grant discounts. To make this system consistent, not demanding any confusing new routines, this will be the case for guest passes as well.