If you fall sick


If you fall sick in Sweden, there are several instances you can turn to.

Sweden has a free health care system that offers health care to low cost to those eligible of it. More specific rules about who qualifies can be found at Försäkringskassan in the document Health care in Sweden for foreign students.

In case you are staying less than twelve months and hence cannot apply for a Swedish  personal number, you are not covered by the Swedish health care system. Contact  Akademihälsan (the student health service) when in need of health care. Akademihälsan provides free health care for students in study related issues.

Chalmers has a welfare officer as well as a student priest that is available on campus Johanneberg and campus Lindholmen.

If there is an emergency you should always dial 112! Read more about what an emergency is and what will happen when you call the emergency line.