Membership benefits


The list of your discounts and benefits is long. 
Here you can see a sample!

Exercise on Fysiken

Through your membership you get 40 % off on all training cards. (Example 2 250 SEK for a 12 month period)


Chalmers Pyrotechnic committee give you 20 % reduced price on custom fireworks and 5-15 % on consumer fireworks.

Student price on train traveling

SJ offers all students with Mecenat good prices on selected train tickets.

Lunch to a affordable price

Every weekday you can buy lunch from 41 SEK with your student union card in Express, Bra Nyfiket and Kokboken (Lindholmen). 


Gym hall

All members in Chalmers Student Union have the possibility to book the Gym hall in the union building on campus Johanneberg.

Book on Aptusportalen

Sauna in the Student Union building
Every member of the Student union have access to the sauna in the student union building on campus Johanneberg. The sauna can't be booked. To get in, just bring your membership card.


In the student union building there is a pool that is available to all members. The pool is open 07:00 - 21:00 every day. The pool is not available for booking, so just bring your membership card with you to access the pool area.


Group rooms

On level 2 in the student union building on campus Johanneberg there are bookable group rooms. These rooms are booked through Aptusportalen.

Student union magazine Tofsen - for free

Student union magazine Tofsen is free for all the members of the student union. Collect your issue on either campus Johanneberg or Lindholmen.


Student unions committees and associations

Your membership also gives you the possibility to get involved in some of the Unions committees or associations. You can find everything from diving, dance, fireworks, movies and entreprenuership.

More about committees
More about societies


You have always the right as a member of the Student Union to visit. In Härryda you can book either the CS-sauna or Sportstugan. To any of these houses contact Student Union Information Desk (Kårservice).


The train wagon

The train wagon is placed on campus Johanneberg and can be booked by any member of the Student Union. The train wagon is perfect for smaller parties or other activities.

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Board experience

As a student and member of the Student Union you can get involved as a student representative in any of the student union company.


Through your membership in Gothenburg and Chalmers Student Union of Students have the right opportunity for support from Akademihälsan that you can turn to if you have problems that are related to your studies.
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Help, Support and Council

Through the Student Unions Unit for Student affairs, you have as a member an opportunity to advice on issues relating to CSN, scholarships and assistance and support in harassment or discrimination.