"Me and Sheldon had pizza night"


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January 29, 2016, 15:48
Khaled Alaydi (v14) is the president of Chalmers Students for Sustainability and he knows how you can make a change today and why Swedish names can be problematic. Find out what he shares with Big Bang Theory and why integration over a coffee can be the right way.  
How did you end up at Chalmers? 
I prefer Gothenburgsized cities so even if I applied for masters programmes at both Chalmers and KTH I was happy to get admitted here.

Where did you grow up and what was it like? 
I grew up in Lebanon even though I'm Palestinian to begin with. I studied in different  schools in Lebanon but ended up doing my bachelor in the Lebanese-American university and then I got the chance to study in Sweden throught the Swedish Institute scholarship. 
What did young Khaled dream to become as a boy? 
I am good in physics and math and I knew I wanted to do engineering. But I was worried whether I could go to a good university or not. However, I got a scholarship from ULYP, an organization in Lebanon helps palestenians to study at different Lebanese universities. 

"That was a shock" 

What's the main purpose of Chalmers Students for Sustainability (CSS)? 
We try to make sustainability and environmental issues clear to Chalmers students and to get more people into the cause. We want to make them aware in general but also inspire them to make things better, here at Chalmers and in their own lives. 
Why did you get involved? 
I participated in some of their events but I never thought I would be a board member. I wanted to take sustainabilty from my classroom and find a place to apply it. I was a bit shocked when they asked me to become chairman. I just wanted to be on the board.  

"Me and Sheldon had pizza night." 

How can students make a difference? 
Students are the future managers and leaders. If they have a sustainable and environmental belief they will teach others. At the current level their actions reflect what Chalmers teaches. They can be role models to the outside world.  
Three things I can change today to become more sustainable? 
Think about what you eat, recycle and consume. Simple stuff like remembering to turn off the lights but also at another level participate in events and projects with CSS to try and help others.  
Tell us something most people might not know about you? 
During a period in my life I wathced a lot of Big Bang Theory. I started having Pizza Night along with Sheldon, one of the characters, who had this as a routine. So my Thursdays was pizza nights together with Sheldon for a while. Also watching Sherlock Holmes made me observe people in a different way, like Sherlock do. You can get really affected by things you see.  
Another thing was coming to Sweden and calling your professors by first name. That was a shock. And a part from that knowing that the name Gunnar is NOT pronounced gunner...I learned that the hard way. 

"Any student can come to us" 

The future of public transportation? 
I don't think tomorrows transportation will be a totally different. Probably more how we use it and what fuel it runs on. Today there is either an aim to make public transport more comfortable or to make the use of a car hard through congestions fees and expensive parking. But these ways might not change the attitudes. Planning of the city, infrastructure, probably can play a bigger part along with new ideas and technique.  
Favorite thing about the Student Union? 
The support, for both socieities, committees and individual members. It's really nice to have someone support and help you carry out ideas. Also the connection between you and Chalmers, having someone represent the student voice towards authorities. And the Student Union building of course. 

"We arrange meetings between peace seekers and students" 

What's going on in CSS at the moment? 
 Re:cycle is an annual event where you can come and get a bike almost for free and the other large part is the integration project between peace seekers and students, called the Buddy programme. It arranges meetings places between newly arrived refugees and students to hang out and spend time. If you have ideas for projects and events any student can come to us and we will help. 
What's your advice to a student who want to help? 
I know that many people want to give money, clothes and such things. But mostly it's actually the social support they need. So if you can join in our trips and events or even host them you can make a big difference and also help to a more socially sustainable situation.

Start recycling today and you can make a change. 
Contact Chalmers Students for sustainabilty if you want to learn more on how you can help or get involved. Read more on their webpage.

About Khaled

Sektion/år: v14 
Born and raised: born in Libya, raised in Lebanon 
Född/Year of birth:1993 
Aktuell med:​ President of CSS
Tidigare engagemang: Phadder for CIRC, tried to start a chess club, unsuccessfully. 

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