We are among the worlds best unions


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May 8, 2017, 12:54

We are among the best student union’s in the world

On March 28th the results from the International Student Barometer – ISB, was released. It is a world wide comprehensive survey for international students regarding their university experience.
More than 150 000 international students from around the world has taken the survey representing 196 institutions and 17 countries. 65 universities were represented in Europe, 12 in Sweden (compared to six universities 2014) of which Chalmers was one of them.


Areas where Chalmers differentiates

  • Recommendation: 50% would actively, without being asked, recommend Chalmers to someone else (30% in 2010). 43% would recommend is asked. In total 93% would recommend Chalmers to others. 
  • Overall learning: number one in Sweden, 3 in Europe and 11th in the world. 
  • Study decisions: 93% chooses personal safety as a reason for choosing Chalmers.
  • Alumni plays an important role in for choosing Chalmers
  • Integration with national students continues to be a challenge. 
  • Student union support: number 1 in Sweden, 2 in Europe and 8 in the world. 
  • Catering on campus: number 1 in Sweden, 9 in Europe and 12 in the world.

How did the union do?

In 2014 we were best in Europe, during 2016 we land on second place. We keep our leading position in Sweden and raise our position worldwide to an 8 (2014 was a 12). Noteworthy is also that the amount of Swedish universities participating has doubled since 2014, from 6 to 12. 
Accommodation – still a pressing issue in which the union works very hard to initiate new housing. Unfortunately local politics and laws makes the progress challenging and slow. 
Catering on campus – the union is the main provider of campus catering. We are considered best in Sweden, number 9 in Europe and 12 in the world. 
Range of curricular activities – has decreased since 2014. One conclusion is that many want to become involved but don’t know how. The information is not accessible and the range is adapted to fit national students. 

Summary and next step

Support from the union – Evidently we will aim to keep this position. We will continue to work even harder for our international students.
Accommodation – a lot of the accommodation issue can be addressed by managing expectations. Better information on how the living system works and why accommodation is both expensive and hard to find must be provided early. 
Campus catering- our catering companies constantly strive to improve the quality and provide affordable meal options. In order to keep the ship sailing towards that goal we need to have involved students in the restaurant boards and the council. 
Extracurricular activities – the union needs to update and review the current range of activities to understand why many international students do not take part.