Welcome to Chalmers!


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August 18, 2016, 16:46

Over 2000 students began their journey at Chalmers on Tuesday 16th August. Soon another 1000 will arrive, from outside Sweden! 

Foto: CFFC

On 23rd August Master and exchange students will get a proper introduction to student life and the university in general followed by a full and exiting schedule with dinners, excursions and parties.

See the full schedule at CIRCs webpage

As a member of the student union you'll have access to many cool things. A pool, sauna, gym hall, group rooms, piano room, discounted and locally produced meals and snacks, your own convenience store, a student union magazine, Sweden's largest indoor parties, a large recreational area with a beautiful lake, wooden sauna and a cabin with an open fireplace.

All you need to know about your student union membership and your student card are found in Your membership.