Our facilities


We offer our members access to great spots not only on campus but also at scenic environments away from the hustle and bustle. Or perhaps a party in a railway carriage? Most members most frequently used place to hang out is Kyrkan, the Church, where you can study or play pool in a retro-50s environment.

The bookable facilities are booked through the Student Union Information Desk. For more information about the rental fees, read the releated file to this page.

Sauna and recreation in Härryda

In Härryda muncipiality, 20 km east of Göteborg, lake Sandsjön offers a great recreation spot with multiple saunas and a great swim. Any member can book it but the early bird catches the worms as it's a very popular hangout.

Railway carriage

The Student Union own an authentic railway carriage once donated by SJ (Swedish Railway). There's a bar, tables, chairs and it can be used for parties up to 50 people. 

Kyrkan, The Church

Kyrkan, The Church, has no religious connection. This recreational study spot was built in the 50s and the roof reminded of a that of a church with a high ceiling. Thus both the decor and the name. Everything was refurbished in 50s style to restore the original look. If you need a break from studying you can play a game of pool, board games or just sit back and relax in one of the huge armchairs.

Gym hall

Any member can book the gym hall, free of charge. It's equipped with basic gear such as net, goals etc. Members bring their own rackets etc. 

Group rooms /music room

At campus Johanneberg, second floor, there are three group rooms and a music room with a grand piano. All rooms can be booked indivudually through Aptusportalen.