The Student Union


All students at Chalmers are members of the student union. It's driven and run by its members to ensure each student's best interest.

We consider outselves your best friend during your time here (and for some, a lifetime friend) and will always stand by your side, for better or worse!

Nutrition facts
100% engineering students at Chalmers. Then a healthy mix of fun and wholesome ingredients called committees, societies, Student union board, Student Union council, companies, and study sections. True democracy was not always the case at Chalmers, something the engineers before us fought for...

A century of committment
Once upon a time there was no student democracy at Chalmers. Teachers ruled and any injustice that came upon the students was basically left to its destiny.  Thankfully that is not the case today! For over a century the students at Chalmers enjoy democracy, influence and cooperation in order to thrive during their studies.

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