The Student Union's Council (FuM)


The Student Union’s Council is the highest decision-making body of the student union and can be compared with the parliament of a state or a general meeting of a company.

The council decides on issues of major significance e.g. the student union’s budget or the annual operational plan.

The student union council convenes eight times per academic year and consists of 35 members, who have been elected through general elections and the council is lead by the council presidials. The board of the student union is accountable to the council.

If you have questions about the council, feel free to contact the speakers of the council:

Convening dates

Convenes 8 times a year and every meeting is open for all students at Chalmers. 

Electoral alliances

The council consists of 35 members who are elected through open elections each year. 


Boards are groups appointed by the council for a specifik task. The stydent union boards has no influence on their work. 


Before each term 3-4 layman accountants are chosen for the Student union to inspect and review the committees and societies alongside an authorized accountant.