Student Union Management Officers

We are the Student Union Management Officers - your reps in matters of education, student welfare and campus life and career and business. Each year nine students are elected by the Student Union Council and the Election Committee to run the daily operations of the Student Union.

  • Carl von Rosen Johansson

    Carl von Rosen Johansson
    031-772 39 02
    From: Brandbergen
    Student division: E
    Interests: Everything that flies and
    can be eaten
    Wants: to ensure an education in
    world class
  • Hanna Nilsson

    Hanna Nilsson
    Vice President
    031-772 39 01
    From: Höör
    Student division: V
    Interests: Skiing and travel
    Wants: Want every student to
    feel belonging during the time of
    studies achieved by a creative
    student life!
  • Simon Holm

    Simon Holm
    Premises Officer
    031-772 39 15
    From: Smedjebacken
    Student division: Z
    Interests: Photography and 
    Wants: to operate sustainable
    facilities where Chalmers
    students feels at home
  • Navid Haddad

    Navid Haddad
    Educational Affairs officer
    031-772 39 12
    From: Västerås
    Student division: F
    Interest: Basketball
    Want: My ambition is that
    we as students receive an education
    which is internationally competitive.
  • Pontus Savolainen

    Pontus Savolainen
    Educational Affairs Dep. Officer
    031-772 39 17
    From: Arvika
    Student division: H
    Interests: Cooking, music
    and exercise
    Wants: That all students 
    feel that their opinion matters
  • Angelica Gylling, Student welfare

    Angelica Gylling, Student welfare
    & Campus Life Officer
    031-772 39 18
    From: Borås
    Student division: KfKb 
    Interests: Culture and travelling
    Wants: That everybody can take
    part in the Student Unions activities
  • Trygve Grøndahl, Student welfare

    Trygve Grøndahl, Student welfare
    & Campus Life Deputy Officer
    031-772 39 68
    From: Oslo
    Student division: Z 
    Interests: Outdoor recreation
    Wants: To assist the campus
    life and make the student
    union more accessible for all.
  • Matilda Halldén, Career &

    Matilda Halldén, Career &
    Business Relations Officer
    031-772 39 03

    From: Vänersborg
    Student division: Z
    Interests: cooking, running
    and reading
    Wants: that all students should be
    well prepared for their work life.

  • Vania Khairallah, Career &

    Vania Khairallah, Career &
    Business Relations Deputy Officer
    031-772 39 04
    From: Göteborg
    Student division: V
    Interests: Different types of
    exercising and traveling. 
    Wants: Give students the
    opportunity to meet potential employers